Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy HOWL-idays

Ahh the howl-idays! That time of year when everything about our normal day to day routine gets turned pooper over sniffer. Not the least of which is a fat guy in a red suit coming down the chimney and getting us in trouble if we bark at him. But...if he’s packing a parcel of pet treats in that sack we could really learn to love old Santa Claus.

Unfortunately, there are some real dangers to us 4 legged furr-ends associated with Howl-iday festivities.

All that food!

Oh! We are licking our chops! We really like the variety and availability of holiday plates but unfortunately they can be great big NO NOs! Too many things we should not eat are often just left lying around for the snacking. Please remember we are stealthy and quick - so an abandoned plate of turkey can be down our throats in mere moments. No one wants to spend the Howl-idays at the Emergency Pet Clinic—especially us. Trust me here, we have experience in this.

That tree!!! 

How considerate of you to bring the outdoors inside for us! No more wet cold trips outdoors to “potty” - YAY! But seriously, secure it so it can’t fall on us...those dumb cats climb you know. We need to absolutely NOT drink the tree water and all those bright shining sparking lights cause our teeth to positively ache in anticipation of a good chewing. The associated shock value is not a happy event. Only Rudolph's nose is supposed to light up.

And speaking of bright and shiny...decorations! 

Tinsel is dangerous (my human mom says it should be outlawed—but then her hatred of all things tinsel is a story for another time). Fragile glass bulbs can also really hurt us if used as chew toys.  Glass eaters are only appreciated in circus acts.

Again, with the outdoors! 

Holly, mistletoe, poinsettias and even lilies (for felines) are toxic to us and will again cause you a frantic & expensive trip to the emergency doc.

The people! 

We like people, but when you throw a whole bunch of new people into our comfort zone we might get a little nervous. You know, you get nervous with all those folks around too...admit it. Protect us and them by giving us somewhere to go where we all can feel safe. We don’t like to be bad dogs. And remember, some of us just aren't good with little people having had limited experience in having our tails pulled and choke holds of hugging.  Of course, there are also those allergies to be considered, people’s not ours. Make sure your guests know you are a pet lover and they might have a sneezing fit or break out.

And lastly...alcohol! 

Even though we never drive- we still shouldn’t drink. This is hard for us because some of us are really intrigued by the lovely aroma of champagne, wine and beer. But just as you should not drink too much— we should not have any.

Now that I’ve instructed you humans on appropriate holiday behavior, feel free to share this next part with your dogs. You can tell cats too...but they won’t listen.
Howl-iday Dog Etiquette

* Don’t pee on the tree

* Don’t drink the tree water

* Watch your tail around the tree and tables

* Leave the packages alone - most people are perfectly able to open things themselves

* Don’t chew on any cords

* If it isn’t something you see everyday— best leave it alone

* Not all visitors love wet kisses, jumping, shrieking, crotch sniffing or lap some restraint

* Paws off the table—that food is NOT for you

* Let people sit in your spot—wait to be invited to join them

* Don’t stick your tongue in people’s glasses

* Tolerate all children—even the obnoxious ones

* Be charming—tricks are appreciated and often rewarded with appropriate treats

Monday, October 7, 2013

All Baths Are Suspect—Even Sun Ones

Jakey is very sorry he hasn't been in touch lately.  But....Jakey has his own column in HM's company newsletter.  The Woofington Post "From Inside the Dog House" debuted in August and I've been having a howling good time helping everyone understand their fur-iends a little bit better.

Can dogs get sunburned? And, if so, is there doggie sunscreen?
Answer:  Absolutely! Dogs can sunburn just like humans.  We dogs like to lay in the yard with our tender bits exposed to the sun ‘cause it feels good on our bellies and inner thighs. 

But, never ever never use your human’s sunscreen on yourself.  Human sunscreens contain zinc oxide which can be toxic to the howling set.  There are several brands of doggie sunscreen on the market and we suggest you check them out for one that suits you best.  

And remember….you should reapply sunscreen after you’ve been sunning for a while.  But… might want to consider not over indulging a sun bath in the direct afternoon sun.

And Humans....whatever you do don't leave your fur-iends in a hot car unattended.  We only like "hot" dogs served on buns with mustard.  Till next time....remember....Jakey loves everybody!!

This is no one I know, but I do think she's awfully pretty in her designer shades!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Oz-bo My Best Bro

This is my bro Ozzie.  Ozzie came to visit this weekend and boy did we have loads of fun.  I had almost forgotten how much fun he is to play with, even if he does usually win our pretend fights.

The whole time he was here we were bestest buds again.  We even slept together with HM on the big bed and there were a couple of times we were even caught "cuddling"'s okay he's my brudder.
Ozzie and Cooper Dad said hello to each other in the traditional fashion of our "people".  But Daisy Mom greeted Ozzie is a much less offensive way...she's like that you know....pretty "princessy".
But Oz and I knew each other "instinctively" - after all we went through our early days together, you don't forget your best mate.  And...I found out that Ozzie likes to be outside as much as I do so it was fun to have someone who would stay out for a long long time (Cooper Dad won't stay out as long as I like to).  But here is a photo of us "patrolling" the back yard keeping everything safe for the women folk.
HM says she thinks Ozzie may come and visit more often - his forever family travels sometimes and we want Ozzie to consider this is second home away from home.  We enjoyed Oz a whole big bunch and boy was I ever tired........I sleeped so good from all the great playtime we had.  I have a movie but HM says it is too long and she can't get it off her phone.  We'll see....I'll bet she figures sumthin' out, she's good like that.    Signing off now........I love everybody............Jakey!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Little Girlz!

We had company at our house this week!  Little Girlz!  Human Mom says all dogs should have their own children especially dogs like me….you know….a pup!
Cooper Dad, Daisy Mom and me Jakey had lots and lots of fun with those Little Girlz.  We almost forgot what our feet were for.  We were picked up and carried all the time.  I’m not sure Daisy Mom understood what she was supposed to call the Little Girlz because she usually referred to them as Little GRRRRRRRRRlz.  Daisy Mom likes to do what Daisy Mom likes to do when Daisy Mom wants to do it so she isn’t always very cooperative.
I guess Cooper Dad would let those Little Girlz wear him like an overcoat…he likes being picked up and held.  Jakey thinks it is okay sometimes but Jakey likes to be very busy doing Jakey things.
We all got dressed up a lot and we got to eat a lot of stuff we don’t usually get to eat.  We had many occasions for treats and that was soooooo cool.
We were just getting used to having our Little Girlz here when they left and they haven’t come back.  We miss them.  But, we sure figured out how tired we were………’cause we have had lots of big time naps yesterday and today.  We figure we need to get all rested up so we will be up for chase, dress up, tea parties and hide and seek under the blankets when our Little Girlz return.
Just so our Little Girlz know, we just want to say…..Genevieve and Audrey….we had a blast with you and can’t wait until you come back to stay with us a while.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Howling Good Time

Today...the weather was really pretty and so we stayed outside A.LOT.  Lots of fun things happen outside.  Birds to chase, Betty to harass.....running and running to and fro.  I wanted to get inside the dog house with Max but he was cranky to me.  He barked at me and made me run for my mother.  He's old and mom says he don't feel so good sometimes.
But what Jakey likes best of all is when those things called sirens start to make noise.  Then we all howl and howl and howl.  Daisy Mom has a very shrill voice which makes us howl even louder.  And Cooper Dad eventually tells us both it is time to hush.  So we do.
I thought you might like to see one of our Howl Fests.  We have them almost every day......enjoy....and remember...........I love Jakey.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

You Say It’s My Barkday……

Jakey Beshears 1 year old

Big doins around the Casa today.  Everyone is all excited because they say it is Jakey’s barkday….What? What’s that you say? BIRTHday?  Oh…………what’s a birthday?  I understand bark, that’s when I use my outside voice inside the house and get in big trouble.  (insert lowered ears and coffee table diving here)

A birthday.  They say I’m 1…………….one what?  One super handsome guy?  One happy little paper shredder?  One chow hound extraordinaire?  Oh…………… year old.  What’s a year?  Well, whatever it is…Ozzie is too I’m sure. Here’s what the HM has to say about today.

“Today marks a year since I went racing home from work to find Mrs. Daisy Mae Brown working to try to bring much anticipated dog babies into the world.  She had been working on one for quite awhile and I was concerned so we packed up and raced to the vets.  Turns out that little guy was badly stuck and the vet had to pull him out.  Talk about traumatic, Daisy cried, I cried, the vet tech cried…it was horrible.  The pup was alive but barely and no amount of work could save him so we eventually stopped trying.  My concern at this point was for the little mama who had 2 more to go.  I would have sacrificed them both to save her had the need presented itself.  Luckily it didn’t.
My vet gave her a shot which was supposed to increase and speed up her labor and sent me home with her.  Within less than an hour she had managed to bring forth her two little guys without any further help.  I was amazed at her fortitude and matter of fact “let’s get down to business” attitude.  She is proof positive that it takes a lot of heart to be a bonafied Princess.  And, that just because you are a Princess doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a useless cupcake.
The boys brand new

She was diligent, she was patient with visitors, she was large and in charge and kept everything going as needed.  She was also good to eat well (a huge worry for me because Mini-Schnauzers sometimes don’t eat well and then you have a real problem).  Daisy did everything right and she raised two really remarkable little dogs…..Ozzie and Jakey.

Ozzie Elmore and family
Most of you have followed Ozzie and Jakey since the day they were born and you know lots about them.  You know Ozzie found a wonderful forever home with Ms. Lisa and he has lots of little kids to play with – he has a wonderful life.  

 Jakey wasn’t as lucky….he was forced to remain at home with us…..the pet of old people.   He will be like the 40 year old guy who never leaves home but just lives with his parents all his life.  But…I think he’s happy.  He looks happy and he acts happy and I’m sure he is much smarter than he acts.

This was my first experience in raising puppies in a long long time and it sure made me remember how much fun it can be.  It is also scary because you have invested a lot of time and money into getting the best little dogs you can and you want to make sure they have great homes at the end of your journey.  I was lucky…..and so I quit while I was ahead.  I also came to find out that people can be pretty danged mean spirited about your decision to raise a litter of purebred dogs – I had to develop some awfully thick skin.

I’m all about the adoption thing as well and I have three treasures I have rescued from the streets and many more who made my home a stopping off point on their way to finding a better life.  But, for me I found that raising a purebred dog was a great experience.  I learned a lot about the breed and I also learned a lot about taking care of a little pregnant mama and helping her raise good strong, healthy, well socialized little pups.  I’ve quit apologizing for it.  I feel I have handled my “breeder” experience in a very responsible and well thought out manner.  And I still encourage people to adopt, but there is nothing wrong in having a purebred dog either…each to their own I say.
Cheeseburger Cake

So today….Jakey gets a junior cheeseburger from Sonic in honor of his birthday.  He shared this treat with his dog parents and  Aunt Jessie as well (however Jessie was only interested in the food).  I’m glad no one wanted Jakey.  He’s my bed buddy,  he still likes me best, he gets rid of all unwanted electronics parts along with some that aren’t so unwanted and yet, he’s a joy to have around.  Jakey embraces each and every day as a gift.  He’s happy to be alive…he has his dog dad to play with and Cooper is very good with him and he loves the smaller humans in his life as well.  So I hope you will wish Jakey…and Ozzie….a very happy birthday today.  Your comments make them happy.”  And now……….back to Jakey….
The party was well attended by: from left to right - Daisy The Bored, Jakey The Confused, Cooper The Slightly Panicked and Roger The Incredulous

OMGosh! Cheeseburger…………this was a new word for Jakey and Jakey realllllllly loveums this word A.LOT.  I am happy I got to share my birthday treat with my doggie family and HM says she made sure Ozzie would have a Cheeseburger too so Jakey’s life is good………… you like my party hat?  My days are good days, I have lots of fun and I’m a very happy boy………and guess what?   I still love everybody!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Smokin' Hot - Sparks Be A'flyin'

Jakey loves 'lectronics!  Once upon a time, my favorite was the little do-dads that make the talking boxes work.  Jakey got in trouble A.LOT!

But no more - Jakey now lovems the nice warming squares that the humans use for their hurtie places.  In fact Jakey lovems sooooooooooo much he has "killed" one a day for the last 2 days.  Jakey is sad :( because HM says there are no more warming squares.  She also said a funny word when she turned her warming square on and pretty fire things shot out of it - Jakey now suspects the "little B@$t@rd" word is NOT a good thing.  Just to be safe, Jakey hid under the coffee table and isn't coming out until dinner.  There'd better be dinner.